Sunday, February 10, 2013

41. Making Pizza from Scratch

The last time we ordered a pizza, it cost us a fortune and it wasn't very good. We decided that we could do better if we made our own.

We began by finding a crust recipe that works for us. Crust is one of those personal things, some people like thick crust, some like very thin crust, some like buttery crust; there are so many options, you really have to find a recipe that works for how you like your crust. The main thing that we like is that we can add whatever toppings we want. We purchase the toppings that we like and end up with enough for making two of each type of pizza, so we are able to make two different pizzas and then save the rest for next time. Our pizza actually ends up tasting better than most pizzas we have purchased, either from a restaurant or some other pre-made version. We, also, get exactly the toppings that we want on each pizza.

Pizza night is one of our favorites.

Until tomorrow!

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