Tuesday, June 25, 2013

176. Make Your Own Comforter Cover

If you have an old comforter that you no longer like the look of, you can cover it as apposed to getting rid of it. By purchasing two flat sheets in the size of your comforter, you can make your own comforter cover. Simply put the sheets  finished side together, measure the width and length, stitch three of the sides closed, and then you can either trim and hem the top, or you can fold it over (depending on the look you want). To close the end, you can add buttons and button holes,  you can use button holes with ribbons, you can sew in a zipper, you could use Velcro, etc. If you don't like the idea of a removable comforter cover, you could simply stitch the end closed and stitch in some pockets to stop the insides from shifting. Recovering a good comforter can save you a bundle and can give you the exact look that you are going for without sacrificing the quality of the comforter itself.

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