Monday, April 6, 2015

It has definitely been a while!

After a year and a half a lot has happened. First, we purchased a Geodesic Dome home in the county, that needs some love. Second, one kid is now in college. Third, I have gone back to work.

All of these things lead to way less time to blog and way more money being spent. We are in a place now where we need to spend less and find more time to get creative. After much consideration, I decided to readdress my money saving venture.

There are a number of these ideas that are still working for us and that we still do all of the time. Some we have let slide and we have found some new ones. I will try to share these new ideas one at a time until I reach 365! They may not be every day, but I will continue to include new ideas to put some money back into your pocket!

Thank you for continuing on this journey with me!

Until the next post!

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