Wednesday, March 13, 2013

72. Laundry Time/Money Saver

One thing that I have found that saves both time and money is to sort your laundry. I know you are thinking that I mean by wash cycle; however, I mean a completely different type of sorting. Sort by the actions that are needed to save your clothing. Sort items into four containers: soak, sew, reuse, donate/sell. The soak container contains items that are stained and need to be treated and soaked, waiting until you have enough clothes and time to take care of. The sew container is for items that need simple updates or repairs. The reuse container is for items that need a total reconditioning or need to be divided up for cleaning rags, etc. The donate/sell container is for items that need to be re-homed. By having these containers to sort the clothing into as it is laundered, you can save both money and time.

Happy Saving!
Until Tomorrow!

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