Friday, January 11, 2013

11. On-line Banking & Bill Pay

11. On-line Banking & Bill Pay

After years of writing out checks and payment envelopes, then stamping and mailing them, we opted to switch over to web bill pay. Web bill pay allows us to set the pay date and amount in advance. Some of our bills allow for automatic transfer of funds, some have to have checks sent out by the bank. We have yet to have any negatives arise from using this service and it saves us the cost of checks and of postage.

We, also, use as much on-line banking as possible. Our Credit Union offers a variety of on-line deposit options, i.e. online deposit (where you enter the info from the check(s), then send the check(s) to the bank in the postpaid envelope), scan deposit, and mobile app deposit. We can use the on-line program to transfer money into our savings accounts and keep our budget on track. Also, we do not have to worry about the opening hours of the actual business.

Another wonderful aspect of on-line banking is that there is no gas expense in getting to the location. With the price of gas lately, this offers real savings.

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