Thursday, January 24, 2013

24. Buying used

Our most favorite chair.
Chest of drawers with
updated drawer pulls.
Our dresser, refinished and added drawer pulls.
Buying used is a great way to save some money. We have gotten used furniture, that has become some of our favorites. You have to be selective in your choices. make sure that you choose items that are extremely well built. Check for quality. If the design does not suit your decor, you can always refinish or paint the piece. As long as the pieces are well made, refinishing makes sense. Our chair, just needed to be cleaned, we will need to reupholster it eventually, but we still have time and the fabric works for us. Our dresser was very scary when we first got it, we stripped it and then painted it white and added the drawer pulls. For the chest of drawers, we cleaned it up and then added new drawer pulls that brightened up the piece. For my funky desk, I am not sure what I want to do with it. I really like how it has a hand panted look and am not sure if I want to refinish it. I really need to recover the chair seat, I am sure that I will figure it out eventually, but for now it works as it is.
My funky half circle desk
There are some great used items that are not furniture that are excellent values. We have gotten some used clothing items and some artwork, we have also gotten some books, video games, movies, and musical instruments.
There are many items that you can find used and in good condition that will serve you for many years.
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