Monday, January 7, 2013

7. Organic Cleaning

7. Organic Cleaning

As today is cleaning day, I thought this post would be a good one. Especially for all of us whose kiddos are returning to school and giving us the opportunity to really clean. If, however, your children are still at home and help you clean you may want to use products without chemicals for their health.

Real organic cleaning, not buying a bunch of products labeled organic, is not only good for the environment it  is also very good for your budget.

There are two main items that are required for organic cleaning, vinegar and baking soda. Both can be purchased in large quantities to make things easier. Water used with some combination of these two  is amazing at cleaning almost everything in your house. If you have stains (or mold), try spraying some hydrogen pyroxide (3%) mixed with water onto the area. If you want everything to have a nice smell, try adding some fresh lemons to your cleaning program.

Bathroom - Scrub your bathroom using baking soda and water: baking soda is gently abrasive, it can scrub without scratching your surfaces. Wipe down your counters with vinegar and water. I know it doesn't leave a flowery scent behind, but that is a good thing; that flowery scent is chemical deposits being left. If you want a fresh scent use lemon to wipe down your fixtures, this not only cleans the residue and leaves them shiny, it also leaves a very pleasant smell.

Windows- A vinegar and water mixture works great. One part vinegar and 2 parts water (add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to make it less runny).

These are just two uses for these amazing and inexpensive products. I have added links to some sites with a bevy of useful natural cleaning product information.

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Until tomorrow!

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