Wednesday, January 9, 2013

9. Selling on Amazon

9. Selling on Amazon

At the beginning of last year, we decided that we needed to get rid of a lot of old console video games, DVDs, books, computer games, toys, etc. A lot of these things tend to be overlooked at yard sales and what we had was in excellent condition so we didn't want to "give" them away. So we looked into selling on Amazon. This is an amazingly simple process. We were able to sell most of what we had and we continue to add new items as we get them. There is no minimum number of goods, you set your own price, and postage is available on-line. Working out the packaging for shipping was probably the most difficult part of the entire experience. We have a bookshelf with the items that we have still for sale and they basically just live on that shelf until they are sold, then we package them and ship them.

Visit Amazon's site here: Amazon Seller Central for more information.

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