Tuesday, January 15, 2013

15. Limiting Convenience Foods

The term convenience foods is used to identify a variety of food products. Not all of these are bad. Sometimes convenience packaged foods are actually good choices for your health and your wallet. Depending on your definition of convenience foods you could be referring to dairy products, dry foods, and produce (fresh or frozen). The prepackaged foods that to which I am referring are more of the prepared meals type.

  • limited portion sizes
  • items that can be difficult to produce at home (i.e., french fries, chicken pot pies, etc.)
  • these go on sale more often and could be cheaper than making from scratch (be sure to check the $)
  • you can pay more for the prepackaging
  • there can be a number of preservatives
  • convenience food = junk food
As with most things, everything in moderation.

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