Monday, January 21, 2013

21. Repairing Torn Clothing

One of the most frustrating things that can happen is discovering a hole in your favorite shirt or pants. This seems to happen to whatever it is that I wanted to wear today. I have discovered the best method for mending these small tears or hole is to hand stitch from the wrong side of the fabric. The stitches need to be made with a matching thread and need to be small and even. The stitching must be done very carefully to keep the clothing wearable. If the stitches get too big or sloppy, the mend will be noticeable.

If the hole is too large to repair there is always the option to add embellishments. This can be done by adding a patch, embroidery, buttons, additional fabric, etc.

Another possibility is to adapt the shirt, if it is too small or the hole is on the side or centered, by adding in a panel of additional fabric. Simply cut open the material and stitch in a panel of coordinating fabric.

Mending what you have and repairing your items is much more cost effective than buying new. Often you can make something even better by putting in a little imagination. Have fun with it. You may be able to find inspiration on Pinterest or shopping sites.

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