Sunday, January 13, 2013

13. Warehouse Store Membership

We spent a long time deciding on whether or not to join a warehouse store. We researched a lot and made a plan before making our decision. We calculated the cost of the membership with the amount of savings after taking two visits to the store to evaluate prices, looking at our storage possibilities and deciding on a plan for product usage and budget amount. We opted to try it out for a year and signed up for a one year membership. We will completely track our spending and usage. Here is our plan:
  • We have set a monthly budget amount for the Warehouse Store shopping.
  • We have designed a plan for dividing and storing all of the products.
  • We have discussed a usage plan with all of our family members.
Being careful with our usage (not increasing our usage to case size proportions) and portioning the lot sizes into sizes usable by our family will make the warehouse membership a money saver. If we are not careful and dedicated on this the membership could become a financial waster. So, if you have, or are think about, membership to one of these stores, be certain that you research the cost and the usage. Otherwise, this can actually cost you more money than you would spend on the same items in smaller quantities.

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  1. Good advice. It may also be worth checking out different levels of membership for maximum value.