Tuesday, January 8, 2013

8. Programmable Thermostat

8. Programmable Thermostat

One major expense in most homes is heating and cooling. After years of trying to adjust our thermostat to the  most comfortable (yet inexpensive) level, we discovered the money savings available with a programmable thermostat. The initial cost of the new model can be high, however, the savings is phenomenal. The thermostat allows us to set the temp a little lower/higher depending on the time of day usage of the house. For example, we have the winter temp lower at night, then warm up before we get out of bed. We, also, have the temp lowered during the week, when we are out or active.

This is a long term money saving investment and the price of the models can very greatly. Make sure that you do your research before you buy. Also, make sure that you really use it; I have known some people who have purchased these and then set it to one steady temp, this does not really save money. Enjoy the comfort of your space, economically.

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